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Dental Services for everyone

Our comprehensive services for adults and children are provided to you by an experienced and friendly staff. From cosmetic to advanced restorative dentistry, we will care for you so that your dental experience will be a pleasant one.

Preventive dentistry

  • digital x-rays & intra oral pictures
  • exam and treatment plan
  • cleanings and deep cleanings done by experienced hygienist
  • Oral Hygiene instruction

General Dentistry

  • composite (mercury free) fillings
  • Cosmetic bondings and veneers
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Inplants and crowns

Removable Prosthodontics

  • Partial
  • Complete Dentures
  • Metal free
    partial dentures


  • Root canal Therapy
  • Extractions
  • Retainers and Nightguards
  • Sleeping Appliances
  • See our list of services below

24 hour emergency service

All your emergency situations need immediate attention. Any situation you face we are here to help
with taking calls and trying to rectify the situations that may arise from such emergencies.


All children need special attention when coming to a dental office. We understand what children are going through because we are all parents also, we know that caring and understanding for their needs are just as important. During their dental visit we provide a comfortable and non-traumatic atmosphere, so they would be a little less hesitant coming to a dentist office. With regular visits and preventive care we can make your children’s oral health a pleasant experience.


We can improve the look and health of your teeth by whitening the look of your teeth, straightening a crooked tooth, to even replacing your teeth altogether. Call for a free consultation on any cosmetic needs of your oral health. We will do our best to give the information you need to make a perfect smile.


We believe that preventive oral health is another way to thwart any major problems that may arise out of an absent oral regimen. Through evaluation of your health and oral history, digital x- rays, examination of your teeth, and consultation, a regular six month checkup, and our continued partnership in maintaining your teeth health will be the strategy to combat any oral health problems. Our goal is to give you information and education for having good healthy teeth.


Your teeth must go through restoration when it has been damaged, decayed or lost. We can examine, evaluate and then consult you on the treatment options available for you. Everyone is different when it comes to finding the right course of action for your treatment and payment options. We will give you all the necessary information you need to keep a healthy oral health.

Digital X-rays/Intra oral cameras


We use the latest technology of Digital X-rays that has enhanced image portraits with magnification and contrast. It shows us the x-rays with instant portraits so that we may have a faster evaluation of your teeth. Digital X-rays also has low radiation emissions, up to 90% less than regular x-rays and is does not use any chemicals. Giving you a faster and safe evaluation.

Professional cleaning

Unfortunately, brushing and flossing are not enough to maintain your oral health in optimal condition. Professional cleanings are performed by a dentist or hygienist and we will clean your teeth with thorough and gentle touch. So having a dental appointment lays the foundations for preventing gum disease, tooth decay, and our team will take extra time to educate patients with detailed oral hygiene instructions on each appointment. Regular dental check- ups and cleanings can greatly reduce any future dental emergencies.


In dentistry, there are many choices of material and options to treat tooth decay. Amalgam and composite(tooth colored) fillings are two main choices to treat small to moderate size of decay. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and other organizations of the US Public Health Services continue to investigate the safety of amalgams, but there is no valid scientific evidence to prove that amalgams cause harm to patients with dental restorations, except in rare cases of allergic reactions. We will address your concerns and guide you to make the best choices for your teeth.


Crowns are performed to treat large decay or fractured tooth. From metal-free crown to all metal crown, we can create a beautiful and functional crown to restore your tooth.


A denture is a removable appliance to replace missing teeth and adjacent tissues. Although implants are very popular choices now for missing teeth, some patients still need to get full or partial dentures due to financial or health reasons. There are many different types of dentures nowadays to enhance the aesthetic and function. We will carefully examine and present you with the best options for your needs.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is needed when the tooth is infected or injured causing pain and sometimes an abscess. By properly restoring your tooth(s) with a root canal and a new crown your tooth can last almost as long as it’s original tooth. Most patients have tremendous fear for this procedure but once you are properly anesthetized by an experienced dentist, you will experience little or no discomfort or pain.

Dental Implant

Implants are consisted of two parts. Surgery part is typically done by oral surgeons or periodontists to place synthetic structures in the bone to replace the missing space. Restorative part is done by general dentists to place a crown, bridge, or denture over the synthetic structures. Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants since proper bone density and healthy body is required for dental implant surgery.

Teeth Whitening

We can help you to bring whiter and brighter smile with take home bleaching system. Custom bleaching trays are made in our office and whitening syringes that are safe for your gum and teeth will be supplied with proper instructions.


Sometimes, tooth need to be pulled or extracted due to crack, abscess, or severe gum disease. With proper anesthetic, tooth extractions are far less painful than ever before. Pre and post instructions are very important for proper healing so please follow instructions that are given at the time of appointment.